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The 230volt Omelet Induction Wood Stand Set is smart!

Item Number: 1AIC1000230V

The Omelet Induction 230V Wood Stand Set includes the omelet cooker (1AIC1414230V) with the wooden stand.  This model is 230 volts, 50/60 Hz and up to 1100 watts / 4.78 amps on high.  At 600 watts it uses 2.61 amps and at 1050 watts it uses 4.57 amps.  It has a 5' power cord & a 29" controller cord.  Available in 110 volt or 230 volt.

(see 1AIC1000110V for the 110 volt model)


Carton quantity
Dimensions (L x W x H)
15" x 15" x 5"
20 lbs.