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Domino Multi Stand Chiller Display with porcelain dishes.

Item Number: 1A19481

DOMINO is a completely new concept in modular buffet systems.  Domino Multi Stand Chiller Display includes porcelain dishes, food pans & water pans.  All DOMINO components share legs so you can weave together pieces to build it your way.  Simply put, DOMINO makes it fun again!

The DOMINO system connects like Legos, but is made of solid stainless steel.  Mix it, match it, change it; build it high or keep it low.  It is simply the most versatile, easy to use system ever made.  

All components can be connected to each other.  Shared legs simply slide into each other quickly and easily.  Add a leg for extra height, remove a leg for a lower profile.  You are only limited by your imagination.

Build a beautiful breakfast buffet this morning.  Add some different components and you have a lunch buffet.  Add a couple more components and you’re ready for dinner.  What would you like to see?  Decide and make it so.  No matter what, your choice will be SMART!

Includes:  3each 1A19405090, 5each 1A19402090, 1each 1A19410180, 2each 1A11216, 3each 1A19403PCB, 3each 1A19405PCB, 3each 1A11402, 3each 1ASBW1205, 3each 1A12910400 & 3each 1A19402260


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