The Domino Oatmeal or Gravy / Soup Station Stand's cladded water pan makes it induction ready!

Item Number: 1A19407CLDSET

The Domino Oatmeal or Gravy / Soup Station Stand SET holds 4.4 qt/4.2 ltr & the induction warmer is included (model 1AIW110V4).  All Domino components share legs so you can weave together pieces to build it your way.

Going green made easy:  When our induction warming system is combined with our chafers and urns, you only need 1.82 amps of power per chafer, soup or coffee urn.  This makes our system the greenest in the world for heating your buffet, and enables you to run as many as ten induction warmers on a single 20 amp circuit.  Having such a low power requirement will allow you to easily set up buffets in meeting rooms, or on the fly without fear of tripping breakers.


Induction for Dummies:  Your staff turns it on and walks away.

  • Adjustable automatic shut off controller
  • Auto temperature control between 170℉ - 180℉
  • Auto timer for 1-9 hours (preset at 6 hours)
  • No fire hazards
  • Consistent temperatures
  • Safe and secure
  • Heats chafers, not the room



Carton quantity
Dimensions (L x W x H)
14" x 14" x 13"
26 lbs.


Clad bottom

— Eliminates hot spots that cause food to stick and burn.

Electric Heat

— Holds an even, constant heat.

Elegantly Durable

— Designed from heavy gauged polished stainless.


— Eliminates fuel use, can waste & ozone damage.


— No flames, no fumes, no smell.

Stainless Steel

— Resistant to scratches or other surface damage.


— Food safe and easy to clean.

Stainless Steel construction

— Provides durability and strength.