The Chafer Transport Trolley for storing & transporting stacking chafer series.


The Chafer Transport Trolley stores and transports 10 Stacking Chafers or 8 Smart Crates.  Chafers sold separately.

Chafer Transport Trolley Cover


The Chafer Transport Trolley Cover protects your chafers during storage or while being transported.  It is made of heavy duty PVC.

The Roast Beef Trolley with Queen Anne style legs includes a stainless steel domed cover.


Roast Beef Trolley with the Queen Anne style leg; 18-10 stainless steel accents & domed cover.

The Teak Flambe Trolley with a stainless steel top and grill.


Flambe Trolley designed from teak wood, with a stainless steel top and grill.