The Smart Coffee Urn Riser Adapter


The SMART Coffee Urn Riser lifts the induction warmer (1AIW110V2) in a coffee urn base to just the right height.

The SMART Electric Urn Heater is spring-loaded to work with most coffee and tea urns.


The 1A11713DGT230V Electric Urn Heater is designed to fit in small places

The SMART Induction Urn Warmer uses as little as 100 watts!


The Smart Induction Urn Warmer 110V is the most versatile induction warmer ever introduced.  It's so SMART!

  • Adjustable automatic shut off controller
  • Auto temperature control between 170℉ - 180℉
  • Auto timer for 1-9 hours (preset at 6 hours)
  • No fire hazards
  • Consistent temperatures
  • Safe and secure
  • Heats urn, not the room